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Certificate Program Framework
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International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association

Certificate Program Framework

Certificate program - IGC1001, June 2011, volume 1

This volume is not to be used in isolation and must be used in the context of the whole endorsed certificate program.

The International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association certificate programme (IGC1001) was endorsed by the relevant industry bodies and agreed by the members of the industry committee on June 20, 2011

Certificate program release date: June 20. 2011

The certificate program is designed to meet the training and skills recognition needs of the Equipment Managers and Technicians in the golf and turf equipment industry.

It covers the competencies used by people employed in the golf course equipment manager, equipment technician and related services industries.


Applicants will have a thorough knowledge of all workshop and equipment safety requirements as pertaining to both equipment manufacturer's guidelines and relevant State or Territory occupational health and safety requirements. The responsibility for the safe operation, repair and maintenance of equipment is the responsibility of the applicant and the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association will in no way be deemed liable for any injury including death nor damage, to any person or property as a result of unsafe or improper work practices.

 There are inherent risks in the use of equipment including the risk of serious bodily injury and death and the Applicants, by participating in this programme, agree to assume these risks and hold the Association harmless from any claims of injury or damage arising out of the use or misuse of equipment.

Definition of Terms

Qualification is defined as follows:

Formal certificate, issued by the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association, in recognition that a person has achieved learning outcomes or competencies relevant to identified individual, professional or industry needs.

Statement of Attainment

A Statement of Attainment is issued by the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association when an individual has completed one or more units of competency from the certificate program (IGC1001). Issuance of Statements of Attainment builds towards the full IGC1001 certificate qualification.

Units of Competency

 Hydraulic troubleshooting- IGC02

 Electrical troubleshooting- IGC03

 Internal combustion engines- IGC04

 Drivelines- IGC05

 Sprayer troubleshooting- IGC06

 Cutting units- IGC07

Other disciplines will be added to the qualifications over the life of the certificate program.

Competency Standards

Each unit of competency identifies a discrete workplace requirement and includes the knowledge and skills that underpin competency as well as language, literacy and numeracy requirements.

Guidelines and Learning Outcomes

Characteristics of Learning Outcomes

The characteristics of learning outcomes at this level include the knowledge, skills and understandings, both generic and subject-specific, required as basic preparation as an Equipment Manager / Technician in the turf equipment industry.

Breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and competencies would cover selecting, adapting and transferring skills and knowledge to new environments and providing technical advice and some leadership in resolution of specified problems. This would be applied across a range of equipment management / technical roles in a variety of contexts.

Applications may include a variety of employment-related skills including broad-based induction skills and/or specific workplace skills. Performance of a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broad related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, where some discretion and judgement is required in the section of equipment, services or contingency measures and within known time constraints. Applications may involve some responsibility for others.

Credit Transfer

The International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association will recognise EETC qualifications in the fields of hydraulics or engines- two and 4 cycles, obtained between January 1st 2010 and June 20th 2011.

Responsibility for Assessment-

In each Country / State, International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMA) approved and registered proctors (examiners) shall be responsible for ensuring that assessment standards are maintained through quality assurance processes.

Authority to Issue the Qualification-

The Certificate qualification IGC1001 is issued in each Country / State by the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association. A limit of five years is specified for the completion of the IGC1001certificate requirements.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of the requirements defined in this volume, the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMA) will issue an internationally recognized qualification.

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